Alicia C. Schepis

Multi-Platform UI/UX Design, Product Design & Innovation

About me

My passions lean towards combining digital experiences with physical product experiences. The career path I've been on has led me towards these digital-physical challenges in the entertainment industry, greeting card industry, and the toy industry. Personally, I feel I'm stronger as a creative and logical individual when I have a well - rounded grasp of everything it takes to make a quality project come to life. To create the best and most genuine experiences for the products I work on, I study target users, test out multiple design styles, play with new products, and stay up-to-date with tech development.

When I'm not working, my favorite thing to do is travel. I try to head somewhere at least 5 to 6x a year, but if that doesn't happen there are other options. There's always time to enjoy a book on my patio, a game night with friends, or a drive in my classic '67 mustang. Sometimes I throw in an all-nighter for video games on my self-built PC or some netflix binge-watching.

I think inside the box, it's bigger on the inside. (Thanks, Doctor Who!)

10+ years of experience

Concepting and creating genuine experiences for the constantly changing innovations in physical-digital products.

User Research

Using data, in-person interviews and research, I focus on those [people] that will use the product I'm creating.

Always Learning

From blogs to classrooms, no matter how long I've been working, there's always more to learn.





What I do

It helps to be a jack of all trades; I can see the big picture, and the details, following the project start to finish. In every new project or job, I look for an opportunity to be responsible for multiple design roles.


Creating experiences (and interfaces) between digital and physical products.


Collaborating and concepting new ideas or improving current products.


Leading a team to develop a full product experience start to finish is my top interest.


Research is a key task in improving a product experience.


Organically designing greeting cards, icons, and story-animation components.


From storytelling to product demos, with some classic FX + keying.

What's your next project?

Contract, or Full Time, I could be the next Interactive Product Designer to lead your team, so let's talk.

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Fun Facts

  • I was co-driver of a robotics team in high school, and we won the F.I.R.S.T Robotics Competition.
  • I started out as a web developer with a side of video editing, until my art director at AG converted me to UI designer.
  • When I travel, I sometimes write about my adventures in this blog.
  • I've been a teacher, and have taken early childhood development classes. I'm also considering teaching tech to kids in summer camps.

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