Alicia C. Schepis

Multi-Platform Product Design and Research

About me

My passions lean towards combining digital experiences with physical product experiences through multiple platforms. I've lead projects through a variety of challenges in the entertainment and streaming platforms, social communication, and early childhood learning. Personally, I feel I'm stronger as a creative and logical individual when I have a well - rounded grasp of everything it takes to make a quality project come to life. I have great blend of 50-50: creative and analytical thinking that helps balance business + product requirements with user needs. The best experiences come from studying and talking to users, testing new and competitive products, and innovating to build upon collaborative ideas of your squads.

If you ask me about my process, I'll respond with this: not every project or product is created equally. My job is to take all requirements and considerations of the problem/task at hand and to find the right solutions, sometimes that needs more research, sometimes that's a lot of brainstorms across squads, sometimes it's just sitting down and reviewing work that's already been done; Sometimes it's another method we haven't thought of yet. Not all humans think the same, are the same and function the same, so why would a problem have the same journey to get there or the same solution? It doesn't. There are similar standards, and same methods, but finding the right method for the task is my goal.

When I'm not working, my favorite thing to do is travel. I try to head somewhere at least 5 to 6x a year, but if that doesn't happen there are other options. There's always time to enjoy a book on my patio, a game night with friends, or a drive in my classic '67 mustang. Sometimes I throw in an all-nighter for video games, some netflix binge-watching.

I think inside the box, it's bigger on the inside.
My Rule of Thumb

10+ years of experience

Designing genuine physical-digital product experiences for a variety of users.

User Research & Data

Through various combined research methods, there is no better way to improve products than by talking to your users.

Always Learning

Classrooms, Books, and Conference Events - no matter how long I have been working, there is always more to learn.





What I've Done

Mentor, coach, direct product designers through all aspects of product design and design strategy. Occasionally getting my hands dirty with a project or two.


Created 15+ experiences (and interfaces) between digital and physical products.


Planned, run and led 10+ Design Thinking workshops to improve user experiences.


Lead 5+ teams in product development and design start to finish.


Planned, run and led 15+ research projects including unmoderated,diary studies.


Organically illustrate characters, typography, icons, and props for animations.


Developed multiple animated stories, as well as edited 100+ product demos, with SFX and chroma-keying.


Open to new roles for Product Design in Management, Strategy, Leads, and Direction. I prefer industries related to Early Childhood Education, however the right role could be anywhere.