American Greetings - CreataCard

Project Overview

Creatacard is an ipad app, and was released under American Greetings. It was one of the most fun projects to work on because it allowed me to be innovative in new ways and gave me more creative freedom. The goal of the app is to allow kids to create a real card using an ipad. Parents can send the card from the ipad to anyone or to themselves to mail.

There were many different innovations to the app, and the builder was one of the most unique card builder’s AG had done. My goals here were to make it a fun layout, with great tools, and unique textures (AG was big on textures). The main design was started by another designer and refined/finalized by me. I redid icons, buttons, redesigned several screens, and created brand new user experiences. I managed the creative end throughout the project independently of my director, with the exception that, of course, he had final approval.

This was the first time we did not internally build an app with our developers. We worked with an outside agency, Smashing Ideas, who had a main basecode to start from. Using this they incorporated our design needs and experience changes. I worked with their team’s lead developer to hand off assets, mocks, and make changes to the buider tools. I was even able to utilize xcode - the iOS developer program, to test my texture images and have more hands on the exact design aspects we wanted. This was a great experience for me as I love to code when the opportunity arises.

Project Basics

  • Duration: Began Spring 2013, Launched Spring 2014
  • What I did:Senior Creative: Mobile App Design - iOS, Iconography, App Updates, Presentation Mocks, Asset Production & Developer Collaborations -iOS & Android, Creative Direction - Stickers, Typography, Iconography
  • Programs Used: Photoshop CS 5/6 (at the time), Xcode, After Effects CS 5/6
  • Links: Creatacard Site

Making apps for kids, has become a strong passion of mine. This project helped sprint it into action.