IMAX Home Premier - UI/UX Home Device

Project Overview

It seemed IMAX was keen on finding a premium solution to in-home viewing options to ultra-high-net-individuals. IMAX Private Theatre was already in existance but the audience was mostly in Asian cities, and a select few prominant Producers and Directors in the U.S. They wanted a simpler, clearer solution to watching theatrical-released timed movies similar to PRIMA CINEMA. The concept was basic: a high-end projector-enabled device (similar to firetv or roku) streaming movies as they are released. The device was controlled by an android tablet remote with a movie-browsing experience, similar to Netflix. There were two sets of UI screens- one for a 20ft screen viewing experience and one for the tablet.

My first step was paper-prototyping explorations of the tablet control to larger screen. I created many versions sitting on the floor of my cubical using my whiteboard as a screen and paper-cutouts as tablet screens. There were multiple versions from gesture based, to thumbnail viewing, and directional arrow-controls. Following that, I was tasked with creating a branding in-line with the current IMAX and Private Theatre brands. Once a style guide was defined, we brought in an external agency for some initial explorations. We ended up utilizing just a few components of their initial UI, and revamping quite a bit of the rest of it to suit our needs. In order to finalize the UI for a 20ft screen, I soon found myself in the DMR-screening rooms with actual 20ft projector-quality screens. I also found ways of creating prototypes that worked the same way the actual device - tablet combination would, by using vpn apps and

Project Basics

  • Duration: Began Spring 2015, Announced Fall 2015, Launched ~Spring/Summer 2016 with IMAX Private Theatre
  • Programs Used: Photoshop CC, After Effects CC,, UNITY
  • Department: IMAX Home Entertainment
  • Team Roles: Senior UI/UX Designer (Me), Director of UI, Chief Technical Officer, President IMAX Home, VP Marketing, 5+ Senior Engineers, Creative Agency
  • As Lead UX/UI Designer on this project, my responsibilities included: Art Direction, UI Design, UX Design, Product Development, 2D Animation/Motion, and prototyping.
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