Parker the Bear: Prototypes

Project Overview

In a physical-digital product space, the digital team tends to run on print-schedules. We have to cut our dev time short, almost in half to make the deadlines. This means that sometimes the digital design requires a lot of assets from the physical pieces in order to accomplish an initial design. In these cases, there's not always time to do proper wireframes. Sometimes, you have to do live development in parallel with design. Some shortcuts include some paper-prototyping research with kids prior to physical product design completion. This helps to narrow down requirements and capabilities so that the design process is focused and simplified.

The examples here demonstrate both functionality changes based on focused directional application of user-testing, and initial iterative options for app navigation and user experience.

Project Basics

  • Duration: Began August 2016, Launched Oct 2017, Presently Continuing development
  • What I do: Feature/Product Functionality Explorations, User Testing/Play Testing, Wireframes/Prototypes, Product Demo Videos, Augmented Reality Development
  • Programs Used: Photoshop CC, XD CC,, UXPin, After Effecs CC
  • Test out some Prototypes: Incubation Prototype | Parker House Sample

Working with Augmented Reality tech requires constant back and forth with the developer as well as play testing to determine the best user experience.

Parker Prototype Videos

Just a few videos capturing basic functionality of various events in the Parker app.