Parker the Bear: Animation Videos

Project Overview

To help a child relate and empathize with Parker, we continue to add narrative animations of Parker's experiences and how he became hurt or ill. Whether he's gone on a long journey, or just woke up sick one day, any child can easily understand Parker's problems through these simple but strong visual language. We have tried to limit the use of text language both for purposes of distribution around the world but also to accomodate such an early age where children are just learning how to read.

One of the biggest challenges with creating Parker's world is the balance between literal, whimsical, and educational. We try to get as close to the real thing but maintain the quirky side so that Parents can engage where they feel it is necessary to have a conversation with their kids. An example is Parker's Pet Rescue (subscription based). In month 1, a child recieves a physical egg, and can watch it hatch over the course of the month. Bird experts will notice that the 'incubation' videos we've created are not exactly what a real bird might look like, but it's close. Our goal was to give a meaningful and visual experience without being too graphic so it spurs a conversation within a family. This helps encourage Parents to be involved in their child's play, but also allows the child to learn and become thoughtful on their own.

Often we ideate on new ways to use the ever-changing/improving AR tech. Check out a sample we've worked on utilizing ARKit 2.0

Project Basics

  • Duration: Began August 2016, Launched Oct 2017, Presently Continuing development
  • What I do: UX/UI Design, Iconography, Animation/Background Illustrations, Feature/Product Functionality Explorations, User Testing/Play Testing, Wireframes/Prototypes, Product Demo Videos, 3D Prep/3D Animation, Augmented Reality Development
  • Programs Used: Photoshop CC,XD CC, UXPin, Zeplin, XCode, After Effects CC, Audition CC, Blender, Maya,
  • Brand Partnerships: Amazon, Best Buy, Target. In 500+ Apple Stores Worldwide.
  • Team Roles: Senior Interactive Designer (Me), Senior Digital Product Manager, Senior iOS Developer, Android Developer, Senior Print Designer, Senior Physical Product Manager, Creative Director, Chief Product Officer **Important note: we hired a freelancer to draw the original Parker**
  • App Links: Seedling Store | Apple App Store | Amazon Store

When refering about Parker to our audience, we always try to not use he/she (aka-keep Parker gender neutral) as we hope that children will use their own imaginations to determine what he is.

Narrative Videos

An assortment of narrative videos in the Parker App, used to demonstrate to children how to help Parker.

Augmented Reality Videos

Scanning an xray sheet, bedtime mask, or welcome letter that comes in a Parker kit, comes to life with AR. Here are just a few of the magical experiences.